Economic Dynamism in Africa: 

A Testament to Progressive Development

African countries are experiencing a significant economic resurgence, driven by significant investments in infrastructure and modernization initiatives. These projects aim to enhance logistical capacities and public services, fostering a more dynamic economic landscape. Significant milestones include the SGR Tema-Mpakadan railway line in Ghana, the expansion of the Port of Cotonou, and the construction of new maritime quays in the Republic of the Congo. Togo's digitization of public services demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to governance, aiming to streamline governmental processes and improve accessibility and efficiency. These developments are indicative of a broader trend across West Africa, reshaping the economic landscapes and contributing to the region's global competitiveness.

Hafedh CHERIF • CEO of R&C Desk

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Progress on the Construction of Two Maritime Wharves in Pointe Noire

The Port of Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo is undergoing a significant transformation with the construction of two maritime wharves. The project aims to enhance the port’s capacity and efficiency, accommodating increased maritime traffic and larger vessels. The construction has boosted local economy through job creation. Once operational, the wharves are expected to stimulate trade and further economic development, marking a promising future for the Republic of Congo’s maritime industry.

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Investment Fuels Cotonou Port Modernization 

Africa Global Logistics is investing 50 billion FCFA to modernize and expand the Port of Cotonou. The project will enhance operational efficiency, increase cargo handling capacity, and reduce turnaround times. This aligns with Benin’s vision of becoming a West African logistics hub, promising economic growth and job opportunities. The investment underscores AGL’s commitment to driving change in Africa’s maritime sector.

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Modern trains to operate the Tema-Mpakadan railway line in Ghana

The Tema-Mpakadan railway in Ghana is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of new trains, enhancing travel and courier services. The service will improve connectivity and efficiency for passengers traveling between Accra and Mpakadan. The operationalization of this 97km route is a significant step towards boosting international trade, commerce, and tourism in Ghana. The first batch of these trains, assembled in Poland, has arrived in Ghana, marking Ghana’s commitment to improving its transportation infrastructure.

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Togo’s Leap Towards Digitalisation of Public Services

In 2022, Togo launched a national portal for digital public services, aiming to digitize all administrative procedures by 2025. The Agence Togo Digital (ATD) is spearheading this initiative, which includes online forms, document submission, fee payment, and appointment scheduling. The Ministry of Commerce is among the first to undergo this transformation, with ATD’s support. This move marks a significant step in Togo’s journey towards a digital future.

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