Togo’s Leap Towards Digitalisation 
of Public Services



In June 2022, Togo embarked on a significant digital transformation. The government launched a national portal for digital public services, aiming to digitize all administrative procedures by 2025. This initiative, supervised by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation, is a testament to Togo’s commitment to modernizing its public services.

The Agence Togo Digital (ATD) is at the forefront of this transformation, developing a comprehensive plan to accelerate the digitalization of public services. Presented at a Council of Ministers meeting in April, the plan aims to overhaul public administrations and make government services more accessible to citizens.

The government intends to implement technological solutions across public administrations. These solutions will enable users, both individuals and legal entities, to complete various tasks online, such as filling out forms, submitting documents, paying fees, and scheduling appointments.

Some departments, like the Ministry of Commerce, have already begun this transformation, leveraging the technical and operational support of the ATD. This initiative marks a significant step in Togo’s journey towards a digital future, promising a more efficient and user-friendly experience for its citizens. 

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