Progress on the Construction of 
Two Maritime Wharves in Pointe Noire



The Port of Pointe Noire is currently witnessing a remarkable transformation. The port, covering 1645 hectares, has just gained an extra 60 hectares on the sea thanks to backfilling work and through deepening and dredging the port basin. The construction of two new maritime wharves is underway, marking a significant milestone in the port's expansion and modernization efforts.

The project, initiated with the vision of enhancing the port's capacity and operational efficiency, has been making steady progress. The construction of the wharves involves state-of-the-art design and technology, ensuring they are equipped to handle increased maritime traffic and larger vessels.

The first wharf, nearing its completion, has been designed to accommodate container ships. It will significantly increase the port's container handling capacity, catering to the growing demand in the region. The second wharf, still in its early stages of construction, is intended for bulk and break-bulk cargo, a move that will diversify the port's capabilities.

Port of Congo

The construction process has been meticulously planned and executed, keeping environmental sustainability in mind. Measures have been taken to minimize the environmental impact, including careful waste management and the use of eco-friendly materials.

The project has also been a catalyst for local economic growth. It has created numerous job opportunities, contributing to the local economy. Once operational, the wharves are expected to boost trade, further driving economic development in the region.

The construction of the two maritime wharves at the Port of Pointe Noire signifies a promising future for the Republic of Congo's maritime industry. It stands as a testament to the country's commitment to infrastructure development and economic growth.  

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