Receive your BESC/ECTN/ WAIVER for Chad through R&C Desk. Through a few easy steps, you will receive the ECTN. 

AKA CTN, ECTN, e-ICTN, FERI, BESC, BIETC, CEE, waiver, certificates - this document is mandatory for all shipments to Chad.

Destinations of Chad : Ndjamena

Departure port :

Destination : 

Departure port :
Rest of the world

Destination : 

ECTN/BESC certificate is a necessary document requested by Decree n° 04/PR/PM/MTAC/2013 and Ministerial

order n° 145/MTAC/SGG/2013 of 18/01/2013. Each B/L must be accompanied by an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note.


Bill of lading

Commercial invoice

Sea Freight invoice if commercial invoice is FOB or - EXW

Addentional information

Commercial Invoice :

  • Incoterm

  • HS Code

  • Country of Origin

  • Currency

  • Breakdown of values

  • Shipment Tracking  :

  • ETD

  • ETA

  • Freight:

  • Prepaid

  • Collect

  • Service

  • Charter Party