Announcement regarding change in procedure for Burkina Faso

As per circular note:

Notice regarding the obligation to mention the ECTN reference number on the bill of lading for all cargo destined for Burkina Faso

The Director General of the Burkinabe Shippers' Council reminds carriers, importers, exporters, shippers, freight forwarders, consignees and forwarding agents that the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is required for all goods bound for Burkina Faso since the 15th of September, 2009 in accordance with article 02 of the Regulation N◦2009_0012_/MT/MEF regarding the implementation of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note. In order to ensure compliance with these provisions, it is now required that the ECTN Reference Number be mentioned on the bill of lading of the goods. In order to avoid any inconvenience or delay, especially during transport and customs clearance operations, the Director General of the CBC invites all involved actors to comply with the terms of this notice. This notice is effective as of April 20th, 2023. The CBC is counting on your usual understanding.