Digital integration at R&C Desk



At R&C Desk, we prioritize enhancing user convenience for our customers by integrating advanced features into our platform. Staying up to date of the latest digitalization trends in the maritime industry allows us to offer innovative solutions tailored to our clients needs. 

Our platform features convenient options.

Advance payment

simplified billing, minimal manual accounting, no waiting period

24/7 online portal

access from everywhere, mobile connexion, instant synchronization

Draft after 72h

streamlined process, easy access

One click approval

efficient communication, immediate effect, convenient

Personal digital account

secure, everything in 1 overview, password protected

As seasoned professionals in the maritime sector, we navigate the evolving journey of digitalization by embracing technological advancements. The rapid progression of technology has ushered in significant changes and improvements within our industry, presenting both opportunities and challenges. 

Technology has profoundly impacted various aspects of R&C Desk in recent years, enhancing efficiency, safety, and data navigation capabilities. Therefore, we are committed to integrating upcoming updates and features regarding digitalization.

Experience the future of convenience and innovation in maritime services with R&C Desk – join us today to streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition!

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