The process, digital BL & Peppol

Dear R&C Desk Family and Clients,

In this month's edition of our newsletter, I am honored to share a story of transformation, innovation, and partnership. Over the last three years, we've made big changes at R&C Desk by using more digital tools and ways of working. This has helped us do our jobs better and offer you, our clients, better service. This journey has been possible not only because of our incredible team's dedication but also due to the trust and collaboration of you, our esteemed clients.

Our leap into digitalization was driven by a vision to redefine our operational process, making them more efficient, transparent and responsive. This transformative journey was embarked upon with a clear goal: to enhance the way we work and the way we deliver value to our clients.

A key initiative was going paperless, aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing operational efficiency. Adopting digital documentation has streamlined our processes, enabling faster, more effective communication and collaboration both within our team and with our clients.

Transitioning to electronic invoicing marked a significant milestone in our digital journey, expediting billing processes and introducing greater transparency and efficiency in our financial interactions. This change means quicker, more reliable invoicing for our clients and a robust system for us that enhances financial management capabilities.

We've also embraced UBL and joined the Peppol network (EU standard), leveraging the latest technology to ensure our documents are easily shared and understood globally. Additionally, we're beginning to introduce EDI solutions with some clients, facilitating the quick and error-free exchange of crucial business information.

In this newsletter, we discuss how the maritime industry, encompassing all companies involved in shipping, has increasingly adopted digitalization. We believe that digitalization represents just one phase of the broader changes we are experiencing today.

We're not stopping here. As we keep using new technologies, we promise to keep improving how we work and the services we provide to you. We're all about getting better and making sure our partnership with you is as good as it can be.

We hope you enjoy reading about all of this and more. We're excited for what the future holds and are glad you're with us on this journey.

Thank you and happy reading,

Hafedh CHERIF • CEO of R&C Desk