Big Data and AI within maritime


The reason why globalization has grown so fast over the last decades is mainly due to the maritime industry. The shipping sector has a share of 90% of commerce on a global scale, meaning the annual value exceeds 14 trillion US dollars. This led them to generating a lot of data. The way we see it at R&C Desk, data is an important aspect of doing business since it enables companies to base their choices on analytics and trends.

What is Big Data? 

Big Data is a tool that consists of a combination of more complex and large data, creating a centralized system for storage, analysis and simultaneous retrieval. 

A significant number of shipping companies worldwide are now embracing this tool, leading the charge in a groundbreaking revolution eagerly anticipated by the entire industry.

Here follow a few points of how AI and Big Data are benefitting the shipping industry:
- It prevents making mistakes that end up costly for companies by using automated analysis. 
- For a lot of big companies, it is difficult to keep track of why vessel get lost at sea or why the quantity of containers at ports no longer matches. 
- This system receives regular updates on these issues which leads to increased efficiency and avoids costly mistakes.

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Going forward, we see ourselves integrating Big Data and AI in a way that would be beneficial for our company and our clients. As we strive to provide our clients with the most convenient and efficient service, we believe that it would be an important step to adopt AI and other new technological features in our company. With changes comes new opportunities. We look forward to what the future holds.

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