Angola's Single Window & Lobito Corridor

Protocol on Single Port Window signed in Angola’s Lobito
In Lobito, Angola, a three-party agreement known as the Single Port Window protocol was recently executed. This agreement involved the participation of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the International Maritime Organization, and the local port. The primary objective of the protocol is to streamline and expedite commercial activities between ports and their collaborators, thereby enhancing trade facilitation.

To support the implementation of this protocol, the JUP digital platform was introduced. This platform is specifically designed to simplify various processes within the transportation sector, with a particular focus on expediting goods clearance. The successful execution of this project is anticipated to serve as a valuable model for other countries seeking to enhance their capabilities in international maritime transport.

The signatories to the protocol included Gavin Yao, the deputy director of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Martina Fontanet from the International Maritime Organization, and Celso Rosas, Chairman of the Board at the Port of Lobito. Following a successful trial period in Lobito, there are plans to extend the project to encompass all other ports across the country.

Angolan President discusses the development of the Lobito Corridor with US president Joe Biden
The two Heads of State focus on bilateral cooperation in areas such as trade, investment, climate and energy, and in particular the development of the Lobito Corridor. The Lobito Corridor is a strategic outlet to export markets for Zambia and DRC, connecting 40% of Angola’s population and several large-scale investments in agriculture and retail. The Trade Facilitation Project aims to accelerate growth in domestic and cross-border trade along the Lobito Corridor through the implementation of harmonized trade facilitation instruments, strengthening coordination of joint corridor development activities, and fostering effective participation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in value chains.

Map of angola seaborder

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